Barefoot Goes Wild

Recommended age group: 5-7 years
Activity duration: 30-45 minutes (depending on activity chosen)

Introduction to Barefoot Goes Wild

To celebrate getting outdoors we’ve created some exciting new FREE Bee-Bot goodies, designed to get your pupils working together to learn about the birds, the bugs and, of course, programming bees.

Barefoot Goes Wild provides a bundle of goodies designed to help you run your favourite Bee-Bot lessons, in a new and totally wild way. This bundle will be perfect for teachers who have Bee-Bots and are already using them, or for those looking for an exciting way to introduce them to their class.

What pupils will learn

Bringing together computing and arts and crafts, we have created this bundle to inspire pupils’ creativity.

First, your pupils will colour in their birds and bugs templates and attach them as jackets to the Bee-Bots using tape or Blu tac. You will then choose which existing Barefoot Bee-Bot lesson to run, and use the printed A1 mat to facilitate it.

Bee-Bots are perfect for teaching pupils all about algorithms, programming, debugging, tinkering and persevering. The elements they will explore will depend on which Bee-Bot lesson you decide to teach.

We have collaborated with Buglife and RSPB to create a refreshing new take on teaching basic programming and other elements of computational thinking. All in celebration of summer and the outdoors.

Which Barefoot lessons will the bundle work with?

  1. Bee-Bots Basics
  2. Bee-Bots Tinkering
  3. Bee-Bots 1 2 3

What does the BGW bundle contain?

  • 1x Lesson plan update
  • 3x Bee-Bot insect jackets
  • 3x Bee-Bot bird jackets
  • Colourable Bee-Bot jackets
  • 1x Bee-Bot printed A1 mat
  • 15x magnifying cards
  • A5 Insect / Bird habitat facts booklet

Please download the BGW resources here.