Barefoot Volunteers

Tech skills are increasingly important for everyone.  This initiative is designed to provide primary school teachers with the confidence and resources to deliver the new curriculum. Teachers tell us that the Barefoot resources are great and we need your help to spread the message by running a workshop for teachers to showcase them..

Barefoot volunteers come from all backgrounds, not just industry professionals or people with a technical knowledge, but what they do have in common is a desire to help others, enthusiasm to improve the awareness and knowledge of computer science.  You’ll get all the training you need and you definitely don’t need to be a tech expert, just a good communicator.

What do Barefoot volunteers do?
Barefoot volunteers go into schools to talk to teachers about the new curriculum, the value of computer science and the importance of pupils being able to understand the new and developing technologies around them. You will explain that computational thinking lies at the centre of the curriculum and that through practical activities children will learn how to tackle challenges, solve problems and better understand situations through ideas like abstraction, decomposition, algorithm, generalisation, evaluation and logical thinking. 

What support does a Barefoot volunteer get?
You will receive full training (approx. 90 minutes) either in a face to face environment or remotely.  You will then be able to access materials and resources to share with the teachers.  You can also be ‘buddied’ with another volunteer for extra support and join the Barefoot Community.

Why should you volunteer for the Barefoot project?
Volunteering can support your own personal and career development by giving you new skills such as a renewed confidence and improved presentation techniques.  You will also be helping teachers and indeed every child in the UK can gain benefits from this programme

How do I become a Barefoot volunteer?
To get involved as a Barefoot volunteer to help every child in the UK gain benefits from the new computing curriculum, register as a Barefoot volunteer here.

What volunteers have said

It was a huge privilege for me to be involved with this.

Thank you for letting me be part of this great BT initiative.

What the teachers said

It was nice having ‘real people’ talk to our staff about computing.

They didn’t make us feel silly if we didn’t know something.