Primary Computing Resources

The exemplar Barefoot primary computing resources are being created by a panel of expert primary computing teachers. These free to use, creative resources illustrate how computing can be integrated  into the primary curriculum in cross-curricular ways. They aim to enable primary teachers to deliver the new computing curriculum with confidence.

There are two different types of resources:

Teach yourself concept resources

The teach yourself resources equip teachers with the computing subject knowledge they need to deliver the computing curriculum effectively and with confidence. Covering key computing concepts, language and vocabulary, they help teachers deepen their own understanding of computational ideas and concepts, allowing them to teach with increased confidence, knowledge and understanding. You can see all the concepts here and our resources mapped to the Computing programme of study here. You can also see the approaches we think are essential for computational thinking here. 

Exemplar teaching activities 

The exemplar teaching resources are engaging computing activities both at and away from the computer, together with computing subject knowledge needed to be able to teach the lesson. The lessons are focussed on showing teachers ways in which they can incorporate computing into other areas of the primary curriculum. They will illustrate how children can make progress in computing and also in other subjects, such as maths, english and science through their computing lessons. You can view and download our exemplar activities here.

How do I access Barefoot Resources?

The Barefoot primary computing resources are available online and more will be added as we complete them. You can also access the resources through the Barefoot Workshops, where participants will be introduced to the resources by a Barefoot Volunteer and learn and share good practice.

You will need to register with the Barefoot Computing project in order to gain access to the resources. This is free and so is access to our resources.